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Cyprus Offshore Company

Cyprus Offshore Company

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Starting an offshore business makes a lot of sense for firms that are planning to expand internationally or plan to manage offshore assets.

When it comes to choosing the best location, laws and regulations and the availability of a strong support team are two of the components that can be leveraged in order to ensure that your operations run exactly as you wish them to.

Panama is Open For Business:

Long one of the top destinations for companies that would like an offshore presence, Panama has an equally long history as a country that protects company assets through its commitment to enforcing financial regulations in its banking system. The economy is strong and continues to grow, providing new opportunities for companies that offshore.

As you would probably imagine, Panama is also a country that is very international. It sits at the crossroads between South America and North and Latin America, receiving the bulk of the region's shipping traffic and a lot of passenger flights daily.

Finding the Right Team to Open Your Business:

Typically speaking, when you go to open your business and realize that the cost of doing so is often less than the cost of actually going there and investigating whether or not the country will be the best location for your offshore account, it makes sense to look at opening it remotely and choosing the best team available.

Create Offshore Company is one firm in Panama that has taken the time to put together a strong, local team of lawyers, accountants, and business specialists that are adept at creating any type of entity that is available.

Because their team is so specialized and experienced in the process of opening an offshore company for clients, they do not need to charge the same prices as other firms- netting you a savings from the start.

Aside from their strong reputation within Panama, you can also avoid some of the pitfalls that other firms might run into when they work in an environment that they are unfamiliar with. Corruption is one complaint that echoes throughout the world, yet due to their standing in Panama, the team at Create Offshore Company has no trouble putting your firm into business in a short amount of time.

They offer several different packages that encompass the needs of most firms looking to expand.

Standard features include:

A Panama-based corporation opened on your behalf
An introduction to the option of adding a brokerage account
A nominee board of directors to act on your behalf

Other packages add bank accounts, credit cards, virtual office and pbx access and foundation creation. Interestingly enough, the integrated virtual office feature, which gives you reception and mail support is very popular with firms looking to create a full presence offshore. Part of the reason is that the staff is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and can be available to interpret or fulfill requests on behalf of the owners of the offshore corporation.

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