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Singapore Offshore Company

Singapore Offshore Company

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Starting an offshore company can have important ramifications on a corporation. The ability to see corporate taxes lowered or eliminated, while seeing the company's profits increased, makes an offshore company very attractive to companies across the world. For companies in Singapore and elsewhere, finding the best experts to assist them in creating an offshore company is critical to its success. When a company in Singapore needs the best guidance available in establishing an offshore company in Panama, the place they look to for assistance in Create Offshore Company.

Using a team of legal experts whose skills lie in the creation of offshore companies, COC is able to provide guidance on a variety of topics related to offshore companies. Some companies are interested only in having the very basics of an offshore company, which usually consists of having the business incorporated and nominee directors. In the most basic packages available, offshore company bank accounts are not available. While very basic packages, they offer enough services to get a company started in offshore operations, allowing them to test the waters before embarking on more complex plans that demand additional services.

While some companies do choose to start out very tentatively, others in Singapore choose to begin with entry-level packages that offer such services as offshore bank accounts and brokerage accounts. To assist these companies with their needs, COC offers what is known as the Bank Account package to clients. Along with the basics of its most simplistic option, this package of services includes a bank account and a debit/credit card that the company can start using immediately. In addition, it offers the added convenience of a virtual PBX, which acts as the company's switchboard and message center. This important feature allows customers and other clients of the company to leave voicemails, which are then transferred to the company in Singapore via email. Companies that opt for this package can either provide COC with recordings they wish to use for their PBX, or have COC give them a phone number they can call and record their message themselves. Either way, it's a very popular feature that more and more companies are discovering makes having an offshore company much easier than ever before.

Still, there are companies that realize the benefits of offshore companies and know they are going to want and need all the services available to them. To help these companies establish their offshore operations, Create Offshore Company offers them the Premier package. Priced just under $3,000 it offers everything a company will need to establish itself as an offshore company. Along with the features found in the Bank Account package, it provides the company with a virtual address, allowing them to then receive mail and even packages in Panama. This feature is also popular, for it shows a company is serious about maintaining its offshore operations and provides customers with an address where correspondence, payments and other mail can be sent.

Perhaps the best feature available to companies in Singapore is the package that includes the business already being set up. By providing only a few details to COC, a company in Singapore or elsewhere can find themselves with an offshore company from which to operate. Along with this, a Panama foundation is also included that can help a company protect many of its assets in a safe and efficient manner. As tax laws and other business law changes, this can be very beneficial. Whether a company wants only basic service or chooses to have an offshore company with the works, Create Offshore Company will be there to help.

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